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As a frontline to our “We Say Yes!” Campaign, the ‘We Say Yes Women!’ centers on women empowerment, to help them achieve improved health and better wealth.

With the current and growing trend on empowering women, a parallel rise is seen on issues concerning their health. There is an increasing demand for women-related necessities, to keep them in the running and consistently on their game. However, medical studies reveal of unspoken dangers in the usage of these requirements, particularly sanitary napkins. Without the proper education on the health hazards, continued use of these pads may pose imminent risks to the health of our women.

The “We Say Yes Women!” aims to help spread awareness on these threats, including the diseases one can get from using conventional sanitary napkins, especially cervical cancer. We are also partnering with different medical institutions and non-government organizations with health advocacies, to advance the welfare of empowered women in our society.