Our Company


A global company that produces amazing quality products using cutting-edge technology, committed to providing life changing opportunities to all our partners and customers.


To consider the needs and benefits of our partners and distributors around the globe.
To provide a platform for tremendous growth.
To inspire & empower them to take action to fulfill their dreams.
To continually develop high quality products that help build a better life.

The Men Behind It All


JJ Javier


BreakRoad 35 International Inc. (BR35) was born out of JJ Javier’s sincere passion to help improve lives and fulfill the dreams of others – his very definition of the next level of success.

JJ is the young lion of the networking industry in the Philippines. He has maintained the highest and most prestigious industry achievement recognized internationally, making this mark consistently for three consecutive years, from 2012 to 2014. This elevated him into the networking knighthood stage, and allowed him to travel the world for free. Along the way, he met various people who encouraged him to keep on moving forward, and witness further the power of the system, which can transform lives from scarcity into abundance. The only major hindrance that JJ has observed that can prevent this momentum to be realized and bear fruits are the wrong practices of other networking organizations, creating a stereotype that breeds mistrust among many professionals. This encouraged him to study further and learn more from multi-national counterparts who accept networking as a legitimate and a viable profession. He made it a point to educate his fellowmen on correct networking methods, and as he ventured into such associations while working on the goal, he found himself mentoring and training more people, locally and internationally – individuals who were able to duplicate his feat. This accomplishment, coupled with his desire to market the best quality and healthy consumable products, stirred JJ into braving the odds and pushed him to open BreakRoad35 International Marketing Corporation in 2015. It likewise paved the way for the establishment of BR35’S Academy of Achievers, an institution that promotes integrity and good practices in the networking industry, where he personally handles the training of his leaders with the assistance of his mentor, Mr. Ed Pilapil Jr. Together, they form solid and passionate networking teams, committed to BR35’s mission and vision, and living the ideals of success.

JJ is a man of vision, and he firmly believes that BreakRoad35 International Marketing Corporation has bravely hurdled the many challenges along the way because he had a strong grasp on his grand goal to provide life changing opportunities to all his partners and customers. He knows that the company will continue to withstand the test of time along with his leaders who put a premium on integrity, and sincerely enjoy sharing the business. As a testament to this achievement, BR35 is now operating and rapidly growing in several branches in Asia, Europe and North America.

To date, JJ aspires to welcome more individuals to join him and his team in this fruitful journey – fulfilling their own dreams through better opportunities, while paying it forward by helping and inspiring others to follow the same path. Together, he believes that people can rise, and break roads, eventually achieving what real victory is all about – learning, earning and sharing.


Ariel Tenorio


Mr. Ariel Tenorio is a visionary. He is passionate in inspiring people to succeed in life. His primary objective is to help people believe in themselves and discover their potentials — that starting small is not a hindrance in achieving their dreams. He also aims to usher aspiring individuals and potential business partners to have a successful journey with the company.