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Puressence is our breakthrough sanitary napkin that addresses not just the hygienic demands of a woman during her ‘period’, but also her health and well-being through the pad’s Anion (negative ion) strip. It has eight layers of natural protection and comfort, giving our women that relaxed, clean and healthy feeling, all-day long!

Product Feature

Anions, or negative ions, are produced mostly in nature, and are biologically beneficial. When you feel immediately revitalized when standing next to a waterfall, or inside the forest, this is because these areas are filled with anions. These molecules are breathed into our respiratory system, and when absorbed by the human body, provide many positive health benefits. They strengthen immunity, increase blood circulation, improve metabolism, provide relief from asthma and allergies, and enhance concentration, among others.

Anions have strong capabilities to absorb micro particles in the air to remove dust and viruses.  Their electrodes easily attach to the surface of bacteria and germs, producing low electric currents that eliminate these bad elements and suppress further multiplication, achieving the effects of bacteria eradication and sterilization.

Puressence Variant


Puressence Pad

Helps absorb sudden flow for one-of-a-kind protection, even on active days!


Puressence Pad

No more back leaks due to heavy flows with longer than regular pads, for that worry-free feeling even on heavy periods!


Puressence Pad

All-night long security against leaks, with longer and wider pads for an all good night sleep!


Puressence Pad

Breathable liners for everyday protection – say hello to freshness and goodbye to unwanted odors!

8 Layers

of Natural Protection

  1. Side protection to avoid leakage
  2. Soft, natural cotton fibers for comfort and instant absorption.
  3. Negative ion strip neutralizes odor, kills bacteria, and relieves cramps and menstrual pains.
  4. Sterilized paper which guides fluid towards the super absorbent polymer gel.
  5. Super absorbent polymer gel locking-in fluids for comfort and protection.
  6. Extra sterilized paper providing 360° protection.
  7. Breathable water – resistant  layer for air circulation and  heat elimination.
  8. Specially designed non – toxic super adhesive for comfort.

of Puressence Pads

  • Fights against vaginal irritations and infections
  • Balances PH and hormone levels
  • Decreases the odds of gynecological diseases
  • Prevents dysmenorrhea and reduces headaches associated with menstruation
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Eliminates unwanted odor

*** These products have no therapeutic claims. ***